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Friday, August 28, 2015
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Raleigh, NC 27609
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Contact the church office for details on Women’s Ministry events.

Leadership Structure

Co-chair--chair elect
Secretary / Treasurer


Program Areas

·  Spiritual Growth

·  Serving Others

·  Fun and Fellowship

·  Quarterly meetings

& Special events

o  Hospitality

o  Publicity, photography

o  Historian

Planning Team
Made up of reps from each program area

The Women's Ministry provides opportunities for the women of Millbrook Baptist Church to grow in Christian discipleship through, missions, fellowship, service, sharing and caring both within and outside the MBC family.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth
Coordinator and Contact Person: Betty Niswonger

Spiritual Growth opportunities are ongoing and those who wish to participate are welcome to join at any time.
Spiritual Prayer Sisters

Women’s Ministry is exploring the possibility of a new approach to intercessory prayer for 2012.

Please join us on Sat Jan 14 at 2 pm, at Beata Neal’s home to share ideas, thoughts and possibilities about this new approach. 
Contact persons: Betty Niswonger or Lynn Powell

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain for the Women’s Ministry continues to be a resource for all. Requests for prayer come to Audrey Cummings who then calls the next links in the chain. Those links then call the next people in the chain. We then have all the people in the chain praying for the request.
Contact person: Audrey Cummings


Women In Millbrook Study is a book study for women who wish to read study and discuss books with inspirational messages and guiding directives. Books are selected by the group and meetings times are flexible.

WIMS will begin meeting in January 2011, details to be announced. 
Contact person: Nell Wagner

Secret Prayer Sisters

A "Who’s Who Fellowship" is planned for 3 to 5 pm Saturday March 26, 2011 for all MBC Secret Prayer Sisters. Please contact Beata Neal for attendance and location.

The "Who’s Who Fellowship" will give us fun opportunities to learn a great deal about each other. We will learn the answer to the all important question Who’s Who?????..

Contact Person: Betty Niswonger

Women’s Circles

Bible Study PLUS!
Extra!! Extra!! The Women’s Ministry Bible Study PLUS! will begin in January, 2012. 

Twelve Extraordinary Women, written by John MacArthur, will be our Bible study. This is a new study for Millbrook women and friends and is based on 12 women from the Bible. The author focuses on how God Shaped Women of the Bible and What He wants to do with today’s women. Sounds like a great study! 

Our time together is being called Bible Study PLUS! because, following the Bible Study, we will enjoy the fun and fellowship of the  PLUS activities such as lunch together, short trips to places of interest, etc.   

All who are interested in participating (or are curious about Bible Study PLUS!) are invited to attend a brief meeting to help decide the details of dates, times, etc as well as to share ideas for the  PLUS activities. This meeting will be on Wed, Dec 7th at 5 pm in Heritage classroom. We hope to see you then.  In the meantime if you have questions and/or want additional information, please contact Betty Niswonger, Spiritual Growth or Lynn Powell, chair Women’s Ministry.
Contact person: Betty Niswonger

“My Reflections: My Faith Journey”
This is an individual, spiritual adventure for those who wish to record, in journal form, her faith journey, noting persons, places and experiences that have been of influence along the way. A journal is provided as well as some suggestions for journaling.
Contact person: Betty Niswonger

Programs and Special Events

Programs and Special Events
Coordinator and Contact Person: Mary Scott

This team involves planning details of quarterly meetings and special events such as retreats, conferences, etc.

Support positions: Hospitality chair

Need several volunteers to help in the area of Publicity
Website: provide timely updated info to Communications Committee
Messenger: provide timely announcements to office
Other announcements: provide timely announcements for Wed night / Sunday am 
Flyers: design / print / distribute
Bulletin Board: create and maintain updated information

Fun and Fellowship

Fun and Fellowship:
Coordinator and Contact Person: Marie Malpass

Women in God’s Service

W.I.N.G.S. is an on going ministry. MBC women and friends are invited to participate at any time.

W.I.N.G.S. is a '”hands on opportunity to laugh and learn together as we serve God through our hearts and hands.” On going projects include making cookies for USO, designing greeting cards for church members and others, flat bears for children of Afghanistan, hugs and kisses, fabric ties and circles that are made of 100% cotton fabric, filled with water crystals that, when wet and chilled, will keep the body from getting to hot and when wet and heated will keep the body warm. These are for our military personnel and have been reported as having saved lives. Hugs and Kisses is a nationwide ministry.

W.I.N.G.S. meets the first Thursday night of each month through May, 2011, 5:30 to 8:00, All are welcome to come when you can and stay as long as you can. Light supper is provided. Not crafty? Doesn’t matter. There are many things that need to be done each night such as packing the cookies for next day delivery to the USO, signing the greeting cards and then there is always the fun and laughter, the emotional support and the closeness one feels when doing God’s work with others.

W.I.N.G.S. is an on going ministry of Fun and Fellowship and Serving Others.

Contact persons: Marie Malpass & Beata Neal

Serving Others

Serving Others
Coordinator and Contact Person: Beata Neal

POP the TOP –- year-round project

We are collecting the metal pop tops off soda cans to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.  POP the TOP recycling helps defray costs of families staying at Ronald McDonald House during the extended illness of a family member

Recycling the tops also benefits the environment.

Collection boxes are at the church and individual “houses” are available for collecting tops at home and work.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the POP the TOP project.
Contact Person: Marie Mason

The Gift of Time .... Celebrating Christmas

In early December The Gift of Time was given to the parents of MBC families with children and /or grandchildren as well as the children and siblings of families in MBC preschool.

The parents enjoyed their Saturday morning Gift of Time while their children were being cared for at Millbrook Baptist Church. The focus for the children was the first Christmas. We learned through a myriad of experiences in crafts, music, stories, songs, and a live nativity about the First Christmas. 

The Gift of Time was given through the partnership of MBC's Women’s Ministry, Serving Others; MBC’s children and preschool ministries and the Outreach Committee. What a wonderful morning we all had!


W.I.N.G.S. is a collaborative ministry with Women’s Ministry’s Fun and Fellowship. Please see Fun and Fellowship for detailed information.
Ongoing / may participate at any time

Special Event

“Putting Together the Pieces of Women’s Ministry”

2:30 AM, Sunday, October 9th
All women, members, friends, visitors, guests are invited to participate.
What pieces? Puzzle pieces? How do puzzle pieces fit in with Women's Ministry? With serving God? I don't understand. Tell me! Show me! I want to know about Women's Ministry, Serving God and Puzzle Pieces!

On October 9, you will hear about the plans MBC’s Women’s Ministry has for “Putting the Pieces Together for Serving God through Women’s Ministry”:

  • Hear the plans for 2011-2012.
  • Select the puzzle pieces that best suit your talents and passion.
  • Learn how to fit your puzzle pieces together in Serving God.

“Putting Together the Pieces” begins with our two stellar guest speakers, Mary Catherine Hinds and Melissa Obama. They will share information about the organizations with which they work, the people they serve and how our Women’s Ministry can serve God by being a part of solving the puzzles of hunger, homelessness, etc. both in our community and around the globe.

Mary Catherine Hinds is currently serving as the Associate Regional Director, Southeast Region, Church World Service. She will share with us a great many things about her job and agency which will include raising funds for CROP Walk and how we can be involved in CWS projects. One such project is donating items for hygiene kits which Church World Service distributes after a natural disaster. Her credentials include a degree in English and Women’s Studies from UNC in Chapel Hill. After college graduation she worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Eritrea, NE Africa until hostilities broke out there in 1998 and the volunteers were evacuated. She has traveled to Nicaragua, Central America with her church’s Sister Cities program and has visited CWS projects in Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. Mary Catherine spoke with our Mission Kids in October, 2010 about CROP WALK. They can testify that she is a wonderfully engaging speaker with much to say and a flair for saying it.

Melissa Obama, a social worker with Wake County Schools, will also speak to our group. She will share information about the challenges school-age children in Wake County face while living in shelters or transitional housing. She will also share how our Women’s Ministry can, by responding to the needs of these children, be a part of “Putting the Pieces together.”

REMEMBER ....post this date, Oct 9. 2:30 pm on your home calendar, and invite a friend or two or more to come with you.

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