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Thursday, October 08, 2015
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1519 E. Millbrook Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609


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Millbrook Baptist Preschool has been making a difference in children's lives
for 50 years.

We have teachers with over 30 years of experience who give children individual attention,
so that each child develops to their full potential.

We have limited space left for this school year, call for availability
2015-2016 School Year

Millbrook Baptist Preschool

              CLASS:   9:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
 LUNCH BUNCH:  12:15 p.m. –  1:15 p.m.
Classes Offered
Our classes have low teacher/student ratios
Ages Days Ratio
 Older Ones/Younger Twos M/W/F, Tu/Th, or M thru F 1:4
Older Twos/Younger Threes M/W/F, Tu/Th, or M thru F 1:5
Older Threes/Younger Fours M/W/F, Tu/Th, or M thru F 1:6
Older Fours/Younger Fives M/W/F or M thru F 1:8


Sunday, October 11th 4:30-6:30

Come out to this fun fall event hosted by MBC and the MBC Preschool Parents’ Council!

Bounce House

Costume Parade

Silent Auction

Pumpkin Carving

Cookie/Cake Walk

And lots of other games and activities!

Look out for more information about how to buy your food tickets and ways you can volunteer.

Right now, we are in need of items to be donated for the Silent Auction and Cookie Walk.

Contact Suzanne or Rebecca with questions or donations.

A few of the awesome compliments we have received from some of our parents:
Charlotte has been asking to go to camp this week; she misses her friends! We have her projects hanging in her playroom and she loves telling us about them every day :)
We are so thankful to have been able to participate in camp this summer! I think it was really important for Charlotte to have this experience before she starts school in the fall, and I am so thankful that she had such sweet, caring teachers - we love Ms. Deborah! You all did such a great job organizing and coordinating everything, which helped make it an easier transition for us! We appreciate you all! Nicole 8/2014

They even taught Cassie to drink from an open cup--a new skill for her. And they were very patient even after she dumped the cup all over herself the first 2 days!
Another great summer at MBP camp. I am so sad it was Meredith's last summer. But the last 4 summers have been so wonderful for her. And I look forward to bringing Allie and Cassie for several more summers. Please tell your staff thank you for all the love and care they showed my girls! Especially Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Anna in the twins' class. Allie and Cassie will be talking about them for many weeks to come! 8/2014

He had a wonderful time! It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful school! :) 8/2014

Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great time Bailey had at camp this week. Ms. Stephanie and Anna did SUCH a great job with her. She woke this morning and asked me "I go to my summer camp today?"
It usually takes her a bit to warm up to new situations, and even though she cried for a few minutes at drop off, it sounded like she adjusted quickly and had a great time each day. What a wonderful job both Stephanie and Anna did to make her feel at ease and to make me feel that Bailey adjusted well and was able to enjoy each day! Please let them know how much we appreciate that!
We love and miss Millbrook Baptist and are so glad to have had the past few years there. I am so glad Bailey can join in on summer camps! I hope to do more next year! Thanks again! 7/2014

Suzanne,  I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks to you and your staff.  Yesterday, Anne and I went to Davis' kindergarten for his first 9-week progress meeting, and we were thrilled with his progress.  His teacher was extremely complimentary of his language skills, and especially his letter writing and sounds.  She made it a point to ask us what preschool he attended, and she said she wanted to thank whoever worked with him on both lower and upper case letters at that level.
Please pass along our thanks to Davis' teachers Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Terrie, and Mrs. Jackie, and assistants Ms. Brianna, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Shelia, and Mrs. Keli.  Let them know their hard work and dedication is not going unnoticed at the next level for their children.  -- Sincerely, Andrew 1/2014

Hi Suzanne, Thank you so much for all you've done to help us during this challenging period of trying to get our little one (Joy) used to school. It is an experience we have never gone through but I am honestly grateful that you and your staff (Ms. Jackie and Ms. Keli) have been so helpful. We thank God that we picked your school. God bless you all.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Eddie 11/2013

Stefanie, I just wanted to share that Dylan picked up a handful of dominoes and started making letters (& numbers) last night.  Of course, they were the straight-line letters, T’s and L’s, 11, 7 – but I thought it was really creative and I know it’s a result of working with you & “Mat Man.”
We are really pleased at the progress Dylan is making.  Just in the past couple of months, he has become so much more confident, talkative, and engaging at home and I know you have been instrumental in his transformation.
To try and quote my husband verbatim this morning, he said to tell you that he “is absolutely pleased with everything you are doing with our son!”
Thank you so much for everything you do! - Lisa 11/2013

Suzanne, Thank you for leading a great summer camp at MBP. Meredith had a great time. I have enjoyed listening to her stories about day camp and seeing her art work she brings home. Summer is really flying by, you are right about that.
Thank you for caring so much and your passion for providing the best summer camp experience possible. Not many folks would send out an evaluation form, that is nice for you to offer to receive feedback. I can tell you Meredith had a great time and met some new friends she talks about often. I think it was good to get in the practice this summer of making new friends at day camp before she goes to kindegarten later this month.
God bless you! Thanks again.
Maybe starting next summer our twins Allie and Cassie will be at a day camp session at MBP.
Best regards, Jason 8/2013

Suzanne, I wanted to thank you all for the great job you are doing this summer! Evelyn is having a wonderful time. Every time she wakes up - both in the morning and after nap! - she asks to go to school. She tells me all about what she did, who she played with, and what she painted or glued that day! :) I was worried about sending my two year old to school 3 days a week, but I think Evelyn would be happy going 5 days a week! Haha! Thank you all so much! We are looking forward to the rest of the summer! - Allie 7/2013

I know next month is his last month at Millbrook. I wanted to thank you for having him at Millbrook. He's really grown, and fell in love with Ms. Mayra and his friends. Especially, Jack. I appreciate all that everyone has done to make my son feel welcome. I know I haven't been around to be seen and involved in the activities there because of my time. But, every event, he has enjoyed. Needless to say, I'm sad he's leaving his Millbrook family, but a burden is being lifted from me at the same time he's preparing to start public school at Green Elementary on Six Forks Rd. - Keisha 4/2013

Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know that both my husband & I were extremely impressed with our sons’ teachers (Ms. Deanna, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Deborah, & Ms. Christine) for the level of detail shown in the student evaluations. It demonstrates their commitment to teaching and caring for our children and the proficiency in which they conduct their work. It was reassuring to know that the teachers have such a vested interest in our children’s development and that my boys are in great hands at Millbrook Baptist Preschool. We are so grateful for the work you all do!    In much appreciation, Lisa & Charles


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